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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  February 26, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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today, a final right now at 5:30, breaking overnight, police are investigating the home of the gunman killed after shooting more than@a dozen people in central kansas. donald trump getting dose of hiss own medicine as the gop candidates go head-to-head in houston. crews work overnight to repair a water main break. how your morning commute can be affected. >> live, this is nbc 6 south florida news now. good morning everybody. your time is 5:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for joining us on this friday morning, friday. it's a fantastic day. >> it sure is. julia bagg is at the wine and food festival thismorning. she wasn't wearing her scarf. we need an answer as to why. >> she said, quote, i'm toughing
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it's not that she doesn't want to wear it. the fact that she's running into the loew's. a cool morning out there. skies are clearment we're rain-free, live first alert doppler, the only live radar here in south florida. free and clear of precipitation for the next few days. clouds lifting off to the atlantic waters overnight. with a cool north wind and clear skies and a very dry environment, temperatures settling back into the lower and mid 50s. temperatures still falling. we'll still go down another degree, leaving it to the 6:00 hour. oakland park at 53. 55 in ft. lauderdale. sunny skies, low 50s early this morning. beautiful conditions from start to finish. first alert forecast high, 71, well below average. more on that in just a bit. kelly blanco is still off.
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traffic.c. >> unfortunately starting to get a little busier now. a live look at 95, 103rd street. this is not so bad but a few more clouds coming at you. that's southbound trying to get papa 103. an accident ton entrance ramp from kendall driri to southbound state road 874, the shula expressway blocking part of that rampway. a crash south dixie highway at 272nd stree and southbound red road between miller and sunset, looks like they've already pulled that one to the side. a big help getting by that. that's traffic. back to you. >> joe, thanks so much. breaking news overnight out of central kansas. police are investigating the newton home of a gunman killed after s sooting more than a dozen people, four people died including the gunman. nbc news has not confirmed the suspect's identity. but local media have named a person that might be connected to the crime.
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facebook page is in miami. this morning the police officer who shot and killed that gunman who shot more than a dozen people, that man right now is being called a hero. >> for nbc 6 there are reports from the manufturing plant in heston where the shooting took place. >> reporter: a massive police presence outside t t excel industries plant in heston, kansas, after a gunman entered the complex and opened fire. workers inside the building described a chaotic scene. >> everybody was running, people were screaming. people were crying. we didn't know what to do. >> more people running, pop, pop, pop, pop. i started running, too. >> reporter: when it was over, four peoe were killed including the gunman. more than a dozen wounded, many critically. witnesses say the suspect who was an employee offhe plant w armed with an assault-style weapon and a handgun. police say the man also shot and wounded three people he
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he went inside and opened fire. >> it didn't matter who it was, he had no specific target. he was shooting anyone that got in his way. >> reporter: the first officer to arrive immediately engaged thehe gunman and single hand idly took him down. >> even though he took fire, he went inside that place and saved multiple, multiple lives. a hero as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: about 150 people were inside the plant at the time of the shooting. police would not discuss a motive but say they do have leads on what may have triggered the attacker. in heston kansas, sarah plate for nbc news. one man arrested and charged with shooting a teenager in the leg. the norm for the circumstances is to keep quiet and not snitch. a lot of people are saying that mentntity has got to change here or things will never get better. 20-year-old antoine gilbert is charged with attempted murder.
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17-year-old was fatally shot. now the community wants witnesses to come forward to help solve those cmes. >> i'm asking for a witness to come forward, anybody that knows spomething, that saw something, to please come forward, step forward. my aunty is hurting. nobody is going to feel her pain. >> a rally organized by two different groups, the first one, parents against murdered kids aa bikers against gun violence took to the streets with a clear message for people to contact police with any information they might have. these are two o of the many shootings reported in the past couple weeks out of miami-dade. crews think a cigarte in the bed may have sparked a fire in ft. lauderdale. firerews were on the scene of an assisted living facility along northwest 10th avenue and 15th court near power line road. you can see the aftermath, the damage left behind from the flames. the fire is still being investigated.
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month turned out to be a verbal slug fest. marco rubio and ted cruz trying to bring down donald trump. michael, it probably should be of n surprise that the debate turned into a rumble very quickly. >> at this point no surprise. marco rubio and ted cruz trying to stop his momentum. a series of attacks on donald trump that we haven't seen up to this point. rubio ripped trump's hiring practices, legal battles and lack of de tails on his health care plan. he even turned the tables on his own reputation foror repeating talking points, drawing quite a few cheers from the crowd when accusing trump of repeating his same campaign lines. the debate at times became less of a debate and at times more of an insult-hurling yelling match between rubio, cruz and trump leaving ben carson to ask, can somebody attack me. >> i watched him repeat himself
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>> i saw you repeat yourself five times five seconds ago. [ cheers and applause ] >> i watched him melt down on the stage. >> let's stay focused on the subject. let's talk about your plan. >> it saysive things, everyone is dumb, he's going to make care ka great again, we're going to win, win, win. >> senator cruz. >> every night, same thing. >> there you have it. 595 republican delegates are at steak come super tuesday. ted cruz taking aim at donald trump as well. trump taking the attacks in stride saying he's deet with tougher. live in studio, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> michael, thank you so much. a quick reminder bocing off what michael was talking about. early voting in florida just around the corner, meaning monday in miami-dade county.
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later, on march the 5th. in either one, you have to bring a driver's license, u.s. passport or a student i.d. breaking overnight out of hialeah, the aftermath of a house fire in the area of west 6 64th terrace and pal avenue. firefighters say much of the damagagis inside the home and appears the fire broke out in one of the bathrooms. you can't see much damage from the outside. we understand no one was hurt. >> we have a crew there obviously, so we'll have more on the cause of the fire in your next half hour. also still ahead on your friday mornrnng, the battle between apple and the phish heating up the deadline approaches for that tech giant to respond to a veve controversial court order. across the area this mornin temperatures dipping back into the lower and mid 50s. clear skies. a live look over i-75 in pembroke pines.
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we're following break news out of miami; a heavy police presence in the area of lejeune road. erika glover just got to that area. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we just got to the scene in coral gables. i'll let you see what's going on. officers were taking one person out of the car. from our understanding, there is an active scene here on northwest 42nd avenue near 8th street. we're continuing to learn more from officers who are investigating a shots-fired situation. 're told four people are in custody. one person who was in the back of one of the cop cars, that cop car just drove off. we're working to find out how many shots were fired and what
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altercation. again, we're on northwest 42nd avenue near 8th street. a very busy street but is blocked off. stay close to your nbc news and weather app. live in coral gables, erika glover, nbc 6 news. new details this morning on a water main break that's flooded some streets in miami. chopper 6 over the scene nr 16th street and southwest 21st avenue. crews shut down water service as they plan to fix the problem. they plan to notify neighbors if you need to boil your water. as of now, no boil water order in ace. it's still unclear what caused that break to happen workers expect to finish that cleanup process soon. foodies flock into south florida for a long weekend of food and fun. >> it's a great event year after year. the south beach wine and food
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it actually started yesterday. live in south beach. >> reporter: hi, guys. >> you told us the mimosas weren't going to be served for another hour. but clearly, you were wrong. >> reporter: i'm catching up on beauty rest. stale waiting on those mimosas. i'll let you know when we get a hand on some. out by the pool. like you said, guys, a tough assignment. let's take you behind the scenes of this year's south beach wine and fd festival. you'll see lots of famous faces here for the weekend. a huge event not just on south beach anymore. events in south miami and coral gables and even in ft. lauderdale as well. in fact, we're expecting a big breakfast here later at the loew's hotel. the good news about this is all
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>> the eating, the drinking, responsibly and helping raise money for the next generation of hospitality leaears. 100% of the net proceeds benefit the khabibulin school of hospitality and tourism management at fiu. >> reporter: we're talking aboutt tens of thousands of dollars for fiu. stick round, still coming up, you might catch one of those famous faces right here with us on nbc 6. we are live at the loew's, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> don't let us bother you. >> we all like you so much. it's tough to see you so stresseded i don't like to see that stress on you. >> reporter: toughing it out er here. >> al roker is also going to join her later in the newscast. that will be fun as well.
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in a row. >> just a quick mention here, the annual walk for the animals is tomorrow morning. the weatr is going to be perfect at bayfront park. still time to get involved. if you're going to walk your dog anyway on saturday morning. might as well help out. every year we'll have good weather for the event. picture perfect. we're finished with shower activity. we'll be rain-free. next week we'll examine shower chances. clear skies, lots of sunshine. on the cool side though. to get things started. everyone visiting us here. 53, what's the big deal? it's a big deal for us. below average for morning time
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all the way through today and the weekend, temperature trend well below average. this is satellite and radar data combined. no rain in site, just clouds offshore. temperaturesettling back into the mid 50s at this hour. i still think we can shave another degree off here. sunrise at about 6:48 this morning. temperatures are about ten degrees cooler than they were yesterday. there's a distinct chill in the air for us this morning, but at least the winds are not as strong as they have been for the last two days. winds out of the northwest at ten miles per hour or less wi the exception of pompano beach. huge area of high pressure set up across texas. this is exactly the alignment we look for to bring these northerly winds in across the southeastern states and bring in the cooler air across south florida. setting ourselves up for a beautiful bright day today. the coldest stretet tonight through saturday morning. 53 on the drivein. 68 midday.
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cool sunshine, light winds. weettle back into the 50s. upper 40s in the western areas. clear skies all the way through, a sun-filled forecast will lead you through the weekend. today 71, tomorrow 71. a few more clouds sunday. first alert forecast high of 74. don't forget to download the free mobile app. 5:48. let's check traffic again with joe brennan. >> not a half-bad ride out there for you. still looks good on the palmetto expressway. slowly getting a few more clouds hitting the highways southbound that run from the big curve past i-75 down okeechobee road. not that intense yet. no need for alternate routes. another couple spots you'll be fine with even though there's a crash. one of those southbound on red road, 57th avenue between miller and sunset, they've moved to the shoulder.
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the side as well. that's traffic, back@to you. today is the last day for apple to respond to the order to hack into the san bernardino shooter's phone. if the order stands up to legal challenges, the company would be forced to create a new customized ios software that would remove the pass code o the seized iphone. recently apple ceo ticook said he's willing to take the issue all the way to the supreme court. the fbi hoping the phone will give them more clues into the investigation after you'll remember the terrorists opened fire in december. this morningnge have new details on lawsuit filed by an n player who severely injured his hand in a fireworks accident here in south florida. new york giants jason pee ear pair suing reporter adam shefter who tweeted out his medical record confirming he had his
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the lawsuit accuses the reporter of improperly getting the medical records and seeks damages of more than $15,000. so far that reporter has not commented. today fifa officials expected to vote on they new president. all the delegates from all over the world arrived at headquarters yesterday. upon arrival, prince ali of jordan considered the favorite to win this. fifa rocked with scandal after president seth blatter was banned because of suspected corruption. if you have fans in elememetary school, the word lice, when you say at, it sends shivers down your spine. but just in case lice wasn't bad enough, now we add to that this. >> researchers are warning of an outbreak of what they call super lice. that sounds awful. the super lice have already shown up in about 25 states and washington, d.c. they're much more resistant to the treatment making them much more annoying and harder to get
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to exterminate, you're advised to learn how to comb them out and use medication regularly and wash sheets, clothing in water up to 140 degrees. >> lice are not a health hazard, they don't transmit disease. >> you can always seek out a clinic that specializes in getting rid of lice. she says don't panic and if you're an elementary school child and you're told you have animalssn your head, you'll freak out. >> those kids are so close and share hair brushes and all that kind of stuff. the hour. a seaworld shocker, the theme park admitting to spying. find out who employees were information on. coming up on the nbc 6 news at 6:00, theate of the news out of kansas where four people are dead, 14 oers injured
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we'll have a live report from enamel is yoyo teeth's first line of defense. but daily eating and drinking can make it weak.
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it replenishes weak spots with natural calcium to strengthen enamel four times better. colgate enamel health. stronger, healthy enamel. welcome back. royal caribbean faces legal trouble this morning. a passenger on the anthem of the seas as it was battered by a storm has now filed a class action lawsuit. the lawsuit filed rig here in miami says the cruise company knew or should have known about
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winds before the boat ever left port. a specs person for the company has refused to comment. a company out of florida right now is fighting fines this morning after a tent collapsed that killed two people. last august a storm blew lieu the lancaster fairgrounds in new hampshire. this was pretty intense. this video toppling a tent thatt hundreds of people were under. the accident killed a father and his 6-year-old daughter. walker international events out of sarasota was sued for $3ined $33,000. a stunning admission from seaworld. if company ceo is admitting the company employees posed as animal rights activists to spy on peta. yesterday. last summer peta claimed a seaworld employee joined the group and even joined them in several protests before his identity was exposed. the compapa has pledged not to let this happen again. >> we know the company suspended
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was exposed but reinstated him to dafrpt department. >> time is 5:55. almost 6:00 on this friday morning. nbc 6 reporter erika glover juststrrived at the scene of heavy pris less sense. thee gloves coming off. a much closer look at the gop debate and south florida senator marco rubio's plan to take on donald trump. what a beautiful morning if you're getting up, maybe to exercise, talkingng 50s, widespread acrosssouth florida. 52 in homestead, one of our cooler locations. miami now 56. clear skies overnight and early this morning leads to a lot of sunshine this afternoon. winds arere much lighter than what we've contended with. we've got a picture perfect day with highs in the 70s. at the bus stop, a chill in the air for the kids. lower to mid 50s in place with sunny skies and light northwest
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we've finally reached the end of the workweek, temperatures settle back below average. we keep this trend going through the weekend. early next week changes in the first alert forecast. coming up in the next hour we'll get things started with a check on traffic. back to you. >> you're watching nbc 6 "south florida today." > stay with us. we're back at 6:00 with more
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your friday morning. good morning. happy friday. i'm i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. february. miami beach wine and food festival, a perfect weekend for that event. >> ryan is calling it a picture perfect day, hopefully weekend as well. no rain in sight. >> we'll start off on friday with great weather and carry that throughthe weekend. slightly warmer by the time we get to sunday. what a refreshing start and a dry start to our friday for the morning commute. roadways are dry, skies clear,


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